How to Unroot Xiaomi Poco F1 & Restore Stock ROM? INSTALL!

It is also worth noting that as the Pocophone F1 continues to age, the update frequency is expected to decrease. This is really good news to the countless users of the Pocophone F1 and Poco F1 who have been waiting for this update for many months.

MIUI 10 not only introduces a revamped UI, it improves the performance of the smartphone and faster animations will simply blow your feet. The update also fixed the OK Google issue on the Poco F1, apart from other improvements which we’ll talk about in a separate article. If you’d unlocked the bootloader earlier and don’t want to lose your data once again, choose “save user data” from the bottom bar. On the other hand, choose “clean all and lock” if you want to relock the bootloader, or just “clean flash” if you want to clean flash the MIUI 10 file. The Pocophone F1 USB Driver is 100% safe for the Computer, laptop, and Poco device.

poco f1 official rom install

Furthermore, since the Poco community officially releases the driver, it’s 100% safe & secure to use on the Computer. You can install the Pocophone F1 ADB Driver by downloading and extracting the driver on the Computer. Then Open the Device Manager and Locate the ADB Drivers to Install it.

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  • Lot of times, we don’t care about good color reproduction as much as we do about fantastic Instagram-ready shots.

Not to mention, Pixel Experience has maintainers around the world who work round the clock to quell bugs in a timely manner. The current version of this Ported ROM is Android 12 (S) | Public Beta 3. As the OS is a direct port from Pixel 5, you can find every exclusive future of it working on your POCO F1.

The main problem is that it might be hard to find the actual, certified fingerprint since there might also be other similar props that aren’t certified. The settings option (-s) can be used even if the module boot scripts did not run. Smartphones are getting smarter by the minute, and as a result, our smartphone usage is ballooning.

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